Custom Solutions

Innovative Photonic Solutions partners with customers from research to commercialization with a particular emphasis on spectroscopy applications. Since 2003, we have leveraged our unique wavelength stabilized laser technology with our knowledge of optics, microelectronics and high reliability packaging to partner with our customers and offer truly innovative solutions ranging from components to unique packaging solutions to fully integrated systems.

Contact us at or (732) 355-9300 to for solutions to your tough problems.

A Look at Some Custom Projects

Early Cancer Detection

IPS Teamed with BioMark Diagnostics to develop a novel SERS reader for cancer screening. The system’s modular design incorporates our high throughput integrated Raman probe with a compact spectrometer and computer interface and will be used to rapidly validate the efficacy of cancer treatments.

Non-Contact Optical Vibrometer

NonLightWorks came to IPS with an optical table full of components and asked us to miniaturize and package their design. The result was this non-contact optical vibrometer (measuring 4" x 1.5"x 1") that is capable of detecting < 1 micron movements at distances over 30 meters away.

Iris Recognition

IPS was approached by the US government to provide a speckle free light source to enable iris recognition at extended distances. We developed a multi-wavelength system that solved a problem known as "Photon Starvation", and enables detection at distances greater than 100 ft.