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    IPS Specializes in Wavelength Stabilized Lasers for:
    Raman Spectroscopy
    - Microscopy/Confocal
    - Probe Based
    - Hand-held
    - Process
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    Superior Stability
    Low Noise
    Putting Photons to Work
    Remote Sensing
    Seeding & Pumping
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    Enabling OEMs
    IPS Modular Designs Enable OEMs
    Customize Standard Products
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    Tough Problems?
    We Have
    Innovative Photonic Solutions...
    - Active Components
    - Micro-Electronics
    - Optics
    Empowering Unique Custom System Solutions

IPS specializes in Wavelength Stabilized Lasers Ideal for:

  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Fiber laser seeding & pumping
  • Medical sensing & imaging
  • Defense based applications

Our lasers are “Locked” to the specific wavelength of interest, are narrow linewidth, high power, and are available in either open beam or fiber coupled format.


Putting photons to work…IPS offers over 50 standard wavelengths ranging from 405 nm to 1570 nm. Our lasers are available in single mode (TEM00)/single frequency (< 100 kHz FWHM) or multi-mode with power > 6W, and can be ordered free space or fiber coupled. We offer OEM components and OEM modules with integral control electronics, along with fully “turn-key” UL/CE and IEC certified systems. Read More


When precision and repeatability matter…IPS lasers are ideal for use in Raman spectroscopy, microscopy, fiber laser seeding & pumping, remote sensing, THz generation, imaging and illumination & many other applications. IPS supplies over 80% of all OEM Raman system manufacturers with diode based excitation sources for microscopy and hand-held spectroscopy. And our products are known for high performance and reliability. Read More


Your strategic partner for cutting edge packaging and sensing solutions…IPS teams with our customers to provide cutting edge optoelectronic solutions. Our core competencies in laser diode growth, processing, and high reliability packaging; combined with our novel micro optics hybridization techniques and electronic integration allows IPS to offer ultra-miniaturized system solutions to offer our customers optimized product solutions that minimize component footprint and cost while maximizing performance. Give us your hardest problems…We will give you Innovative Photonic Solutions… Read More

Modular By Design

IPS offers customized and semi-customized solutions based upon our modular system designs to optimize our customer’s product performance. Select wavelength, power, output (fiber coupled or open beam) and other value-add options (integral optical isolators, dual Raman filter packs, beam expanders, etc.) to minimize size & enhance performance while managing cost.

Featured Product

Integrated Raman Probe (Click for more info)

Provides 3 - 5 tImes higher collection efficinecy as compared to traditional fiber optic probes, and it interfaces with virtually all fiber coupled spectrometers! Available in both OEM UL/CE and IEC Certified "Turn-Key" configurations.

This novel product was featured in Laser Focus World Click HERE for more info.

Custom Project Case Studies

Early Cancer Detection Using SERS

IPS Teamed with BioMark Diagnostics to develop a novel SERS reader for cancer screening. The system’s modular design incorporates our high throughput integrated Raman probe with a compact spectrometer and computer interface and will be used to rapidly validate the efficacy of cancer treatments.

Medical Diagnostics Using Raman Optical Activity

Luminist (a biomedical diagnostics startup) worked with IPS to develop a compact Raman Optical Activity (ROA) system to conduct a proof of principle study while participating in a startup accelerator. IPS designed, integrated, and delivered the initial prototype system in three months and enabled Luminist to demonstrate their concept and exceed their fundraising goals.

Iris Recognition

IPS was approached by the US government to provide a speckle free light source to enable iris recognition at extended distances. We developed a multi-wavelength system that solved a problem known as “Photon Starvation”, and enables detection at distances greater than 100 ft.

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    "The overall team at Innovative Photonic Solutions has been terrific and
    one can count on their determination, innovation and expediency in completing
    a project on time… Better still is the ongoing relationship that you can build
    with the team.
    Great bunch of folks, and we at BioMark are delighted to be associated
    with Innovative Photonic Solutions".
    Rashid Ahmed CEO and Founder - BioMark Diagnostics Inc.
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    "...Building the system was truly a collaborative process, with IPS keeping us
    well informed every step of the way. Our IPS engineers went above-and-beyond
    the call of duty, digging in to unique technical challenges and offering
    creative solutions.
    They helped familiarize us with the system during install, were available for
    eleventh-hour troubleshooting needs, and are still regularly available when
    we have any questions.
    A+ would buy again."
    Storm Stillman - Co-Founder and CEO at Luminist